Secrets to Fantastic Holiday Hair

When you are time crunched all holiday season the last thing you need to worry about is your hair. Here are a few secret tips on quick do-it-yourself hairstyles for that perfect holiday party.

– Use dry shampoo! To perk up your hair at the end of the day at the office, use Fantastic Sams Dry Shampoo. Spray on dry hair to your roots to add volume, texture and shine before your night out. It also removes excess oil without stripping your hair color.

-Sexy waves! Use a big barrel curling iron and hold vertically. starting at your nape, wrap a section around the iron but do not use the clamp. Wrap from the ends up to 2 inches away from your scalp. When finished, gently run your fingers though to loosen the curls. End with Fantastic Sams Finishing Spray.

-If you have longer hair- put it up in a messy braided top knot. Start with a high ponytail. Then separate into three sections and braid it. Last, twist the braid into a knot. Use sparkle/beaded clips or a glamorous headband for added bling.

-The side braid! For longer hair and no time a side braid is simple yet elegant. Put hair loosley to one side and braid from chin on down. Add a flower or beaded clip for drama.

-For short hair! Sleek it back with Fantastic Sams Shine Serum with a delicate floral pin or clip or fauxhawk it by curling then teasing the top section of your hair at the top of your head. Applying our best seller Fantastic Sams Molding Mud before and after will keep it together and crisp all night.

-No time? really……no time? Do a quick blow dry around your face and make a deep side part. Throw you hair to one side and let it evolve through the night.

Happy Holidays Tip Number One

We like to pass on cool tips that we run across when researching trends. This one is from and authored by Vanessa Rodriquez. With the holiday season coming, attractive hair and style can set you apart in a room. Many holiday outfits require a hair style that accentuates the garment. A side pony tail is always a classy look!

Click here for the tutorials Holiday Party Hairstyles

Luxury Brand Partners Welcomes New Vice President International Sales

Luxury Brand Partners is excited to announce that Jay Morris has joined the company as its new vice president of international sales. In this newly created role, Morris will be responsible for the management and expansion of all LBP brands in the international markets. In addition to strengthening relationships with existing distributors, Jay will continue to build and grow the company’s presence abroad as well as enhance education and training in each market to ensure a globally consistent message.
“As Luxury Brand Partners continues to grow, expansion in the international markets is a key priority for the company,” said Tev Finger, LBP chief executive officer. “Jay’s extensive background working with international distributors and global teams coupled with his strength in the beauty industry make him an unparalleled fit for the team, and we are excited to see what he will bring to LBP.”
“I am thrilled to be joining such a dynamic company,” says Morris. “Luxury Brand Partners is at the forefront of beauty and innovation and I look forward to continuing to build the company’s presence around the world.”
With more than 25 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, Morris has held senior level positions with American Crew, Creative Nail Design, Alterna and Living Proof. In addition, he owned a successful professional beauty distributorship in Arkansas and Texas, as well as owning two salons in Dallas. He has received several industry awards and achievements, including being appointed to “President’s Advisory Board” L’Anza Research Int’l, Board Member “Executive Planning Committee” for Creative Nail Design and Principal/Board Member for Alterna Holdings, Inc. and GM/VP for Living Proof.
Luxury Brand Partners is currently distributed in 17 countries, with plans for aggressive strategic expansion globally.

Research Confirms That Wearing Black Makes You Appear More Attractive, Intelligent and Confident

Hairstylists have long been aware of the benefits of wearing black – it’s classic, a little mysterious and, perhaps most important, slimming. A recent study offers further proof that rocking a black wardrobe is even more powerful than you think; wearing black can make you appear more sexy, intelligent and confident, the Independent reports.
The study surveyed 1,000 people to find which colors they most associated with certain traits. Black came first or second in all positive attributes, including confidence, intelligence and sexiness, and was hardly thought of in terms of negative qualities. Sixty-six percent of women thought black was the most attractive color on a man. Men agreed when it came to their color preference on women, with forty-six percent of men (the largest majority out of any of the colors) considering it the most attractive color.
Red was the second color most associated with confidence, however it was also the color most tied to arrogance and only twelve percent of responders related it to intelligence. Brown, orange and pink get even less love, with pink being the color least associated with intelligence.
Of course, none of this is all that surprising, is it, hairstylists? Salon professionals excel at wearing black, taking it’s appeal to the next level with a keen eye for style. Here are a few of our favorite stylists making black look better than ever.